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40 Amazing Facts About Coffee

1. Coffee is the most popular beverage worldwide with over 400 billions cups consumed each year.

2. Instant Coffee was invented in 1901.

3. Contrary to popular belief, Coffee does not dehydrate you, studies have found.

4. You can make tea from coffee leaves.

5. Caffeine is among the banned substances in the list approved by the International Olympic.

6. Coffee beans are't beans they're fruit pits.

7. The word "Arabica", which is 70% of the coffee grown in the world, comes from the name of a forest in Ethiopia.

8. There are 0 Calories in a cup of black Coffee.

9. Japanese celebrate the day of coffee on the first of October.

10. There are more than 800 aromatic compounds in Coffee.

11. In Europe it is customary to drink cappuccino only in the morning, but the Italians drink it Throughout the day.

12. At first, Europeans called coffee "Arabian wine" and used it to treat migraine.

13. An experienced collector can harvest up to 7 baskets of beans, each weighting up to 100 KG.

14. Collectors coffee get 2-10 dollars for each basket. After processing and roasting the value of the basket rises to $110.

15. 35,000 cups of coffee were placed in the largest Cup, which is made in Las Vegas in 2010.

16. People who regurarly consume the recommended amount of Coffee reduce their chances of developing type II diabetes.

17. Most of the Coffee plantations are made by human, there are less than 20% of natural plantations.

18. Over 5 million people in Brazil are employed in the coffee industry.

19. 7-11 sells 10,000 pots of Coffee an hour, every hour, every day.

20. A Coffee tree lives for 60-70 years.

21. Hawaii is the only US state that grows cacao beans to produce chocolate.

22. The Coffee maker was invented in France in 1827.

23. Coffee represents 75% of all the caffeine consumed in the US.

24. Brazil has been the largest producer of Coffee for the last 150 years.

25. A Coffee tree produces less than a kilo of Coffee beans per year.

26. Over 5 million people in Brazil are employed in the Coffee industry.

27. Caffeine enhances the effect of painkillers.

28. The best way to store to put them in hemp bags.

29. Brazil accounts for 1/3 of the world's Coffee production.

30. To make a kilo of Coffee you need 4000-5000 of Coffee seeds.

31. Coffee occupies the second position in the world ranking of best sellers. Oil is in the first position.

32. There is a power plant that runs on Coffee grounds in England.

33. The Arabs are generally believed to be first to brew Coffee.

34. Japan is the 3rd largest consumer of Coffee.

35. There's a Coffee shop in France where not saying "hello" and "please" makes your Coffee more expensive.

36. Collectors Coffee get 2-10 dollars for each basket. After processing and roasting the value of the basket rises to $110.

37. Nowadays Coffee is still picked by Hands.

38. Coffee is grown commercially in over 45 countries around the world.

39. The first mention of Coffee in Russia refers to 1665.

40. More than 25 Millions of people all over the world work in the Coffee industry.

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