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30 Amazing Facts About Space

1. A comet's tail is made as it nears the Sun and begins to melt.

2. The heat from a nuclear explosion is hotter than the surface of the sun.

3. Galaxies are often found in a group or cluster. One cluster may have 30 or so galaxies in it.

4. Since the star Deneb is 1800 light years away we see it as was when the emperor Septimus Severius was ruling the Rome (AD 200).

5. The first man on the moon was Neil Armsrong.

6. As the Earth turns, the stars come back to the same place in the night sky every 23 hours, 56 minutes and 4.09 seconds.

7. The Milky Way galaxy we live in: is one among the BILLIONS in space.

8. The Earth's rotation is gradually slowing at approximately 17 milliseconds per hundred years.

9. Buzz Lightyear has been out in space. He has spent 15 months on board the International Space Station.

10. Astronauts learn Scuba diving which helps them to deal with space walks.

11. The Sun is made almost entirely of hydrogen and helium, the lightest gases in the Universe.

12. The kuiper Belt is a region of the Solar System beyond the orbit of Neptune.

13. If you shouted in space even if someone was right next to you they wouldn't be able to hear to you.

14. During the moon landing, a mirror was left on the Moon's surface to reflect a laser beam which measured the Moon distance from the Earth with amazing acuracy.

15. The Milky Way belongs to a cluster of 30 galaxies called the local group, which is 7 million light year across.

16. The centre of comet is called Nucleus.

17. The first woman in space was Russian Valentina Tereshkova.

18. The first living creature in space was the Dog Laika on - board Sputnik 2 in 1957. Sadly, she died when the spacecraft,s oxygen supply ran out.

19. The heart of a star reaches 16 million degree Celsius. A grain of sand this would kill someone 150 km away.

20. We know more about space than we do about deep in our oceans.

21. SETI is the search for ExtraTerrestial Intelligence - the program that analyzes radio signals from space for signs of intelligent life.

22. With powerful telescopes, astronomers can see galaxies 2 billion light years away.

23. Over 100,000 people have applied for one-way trip to colonize Mars in 2022.

24. The brightest star in each constellation is called the Alpha star, the next brightest Beta, and so on.

25. Mercury and Venus are the only two planets in our solar sytem that don not have any moon.

26. The first rockets were made 1,000 years ago in China.

27. Pulsars probably result from a supernova explosion - that is why most are found in the flat disc of the Milky Way, where supernova occur.

28. The only satellite that Britain has launched was called Black Arrow.

29. Coca-Cola was the first soft drink to be consumed in outer space.

30. Neptune takes 164.79 years (60,190 days) to make one orbit of the Sun.

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