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20 Amazing Facts About Technology

1. Wi-Fi was developed by using technology from a failed experiment attempting to detect mini black holes.

2. The very first domain name registered was, on the 15th March, 1985.

3. Skype is banned from the public in China.

4. Time Magazine named the computer the "Man of the year" in 1982.

5. iPod needed years to reach a market of 50 million people.

6. Someone on Twitter who has a million or more followers is known as a "Twillionaire".

7. There are 500 apps added each day to the Windows Phone store.

8. In the tech world, November 30th is known as "Computer Security Day".

9. Using your phone while it is on charge can damage the battery, this is why the leads for the chargers are so short.

10. Doug Engelbart created the very first computer mouse from wood in 1964.

11. A Computer mouse used to be called: the X-Y position indicator for displays.

12. 9 out of every 1,000 computers are infected with spam virus.

13. A program named "Rother J" was the first computer virus.

14. 25% of Americans use only a mobile device to use the Internet.

15. 70% of virus writers actually work under a contract for an organiztion.

16. 97% of people type in random words on Google, just to see if they spelt it right.

17. Phones sold in Japan permanently have the shutter sound turned on so as deter up- skirt photography.

18. Around 20% of all YouTube videos are music related.

19. MySpace has over 200 million registered users.

20. The first banner advertising was used in 1994.

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